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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN   that the above trade mark is the trade mark of:


Visa International Service Association, a corporation organised and existing under the laws of the State of Delaware (U.S.A.) of 900 Metro Center Boulevard, Foster City, California, 94404, United States of America


and is used in connection with:


Printed matter, publications, printed bank cards and travellers cheques; stationery; business forms, cardboard store signs and displays, labels and decals; insurance and financial services, banking, bill payment services, credit card services, debit card services, charge card services, pre-paid card services, electronic credit and debit transactions, electronic funds transfer, smart cards and electronic cash services, cash disbursement, cash replacement rendered by credit cards and debit cards, electronic cash transactions, check verification, check cashing, deposit access and automated teller machine services, payment processing services,processing of financial transactions online via a global computer network or via telecommunication, mobile or wireless devices, transaction authentication and verification services, travel insurance underwriting services, electronic funds transfer and currency exchange services, financial assessment and risk management services for others in the field of consumer credit, credit management services, and dissemination of financial information and electronic payment data via a global computer network or via telecommunication, mobile or wireless devices; financial sponsorship of sporting events for others and musical concerts and wine festivals.


NOTICE IS ALSO GIVEN that legal proceedings will be taken against any person or company who uses the said trade mark or any imitations thereof or who otherwise infringes the rights of the said company.