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Re: Application for the post of the Prime Minister for the Federal Government of Somalia


CV – Roble Mohamed 1
To: Federal Government of Somalia. 27/07/2020
Office of the President
Villa Somalia, Mogadishu.
Re: Application for the post of the Prime Minister for the Federal Government of
Educational Background: Master of Science Degree in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable
Infrastructure at KTH – Stockholm, Sweden, Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at Somali National
Service in Somalia:
I am a Somali Citizen Born in October 1963 in Hobyo, Galmudug. Second Nationality- Swedish. Married with
Five children – Served for more than 14 Years in a Senior Country Leadership and Management at the UN
especially with the International labour Organization (ILO) while also previously worked with Somali
National institutions. Implemented a portfolio of than USD 200,000,000 million programmes in the
country in close collaboration with Somali government institutions and the International partners including,
European Union, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Germany.
Closely worked and continue to work with Federal member states including Somaliland. During the period
of service with the United Nations managed to support local government institutions to boost economic
development and make communities stronger. I have been instrumental in developing the United Nation’s
Country Frameworks for Somalia while also contribution to key thematic areas in development and Policy
Work, Strategic Planning, negotiation and UN Reform. To support the people of Somalia, and together with
help of the international community and Federal Government of Somalia, and the Federal member states,
I managed to contribute to the:
• Improvements in local services, including new roads, schools and clinics
• Laws and agreements that define what local government is and that clearly delineate between local
and central authority, reducing conflict and saving time and money
• Accountable, effective systems for procurement, budgeting, planning and other government
• Increases in tax revenue for local councils brought about by more efficient and transparent
processes and by boosting local business activity
• Better-trained government staff who can operate systems for accountable planning, procurement,
budgeting and service delivery
• Open forums for discussion that allow citizens to take part in decision making, including regularised
community meetings, such as District Development Forums
• Community consultations ensure that more women are involved in planning, bringing new priorities
– such as maternity wards and children’s education – are incorporated into government plans and
Despite the current political situation in the country, I believe this leadership position will provide me with
the opportunity to continue to serve the people of Somalia in close collaboration with the respective Federal
member states – I further established networks and understanding with the key members of the
International community having worked with them for more than a decade. I believe that I am in a better
position to serve this great nation during these challenging times.
Roble Mohamed Hussein.
CV – Roble Mohamed 2
Family Name: Roble

First Name: Mohamed Hussein
Nationality: Somali
Marital Status: Married with 5 Children
Contacts: roble@ilo.org , robleh@hotmail.com , Tel.: +254-725924247 , +252-616263111
Education: 1. ITC–ILO – Learning forum on innovations in public investment and employment
programmes – Turin, Italy – 2016.
2. University of Birmingham (Birmingham – UK) – 2012.
Postgraduate, Continuing professional development,
Department of Civil Engineering
Certificate of the Senior Road Executives Programme:
• Road Sector Reforms course.
• Road Financing course.
• Road Safety course.
• Road Maintenance Management course.
3. KTH (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan) www.KTH.se – Royal institute of Technology –
Stockholm – Sweden – 2000.
• Msc – Master of Science Degree in Environmental Engineering and
Sustainable Infrastructure.
4. Miroi Architect and design School – Stockholm – Sweden – 1997.
• Certificate of Auto CAD (Computer Aided Design).
5. Somali National University – Mogadishu – Somalia – 1990.
• Bsc -Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering.
• B.Sc.2nd Class honours (Upper Division) in Civil Engineering –
Somali National University.
Languages: Somali Mother tongue
English Excellent
Swedish Excellent
Arabic Fair
Italia Fair
Other Skills: Technical Manager, Training and moderation techniques
Computer Skills: Fully computer literate: MS Office, MS Project, AutoCAD, GIS (Geographical
Information System).
Project Areas: Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Sweden.

• Project Management;
• Expertise in Road works through labour-based technology/employmentintensive methods for infrastructure development, operation and
maintenance from socio-economic, engineering and training perspectives,
with focus on female and youth employment;
CV – Roble Mohamed 3
• Technical Expert in Planning and implementation of infrastructure (Roads,
integrated urban infrastructure and housing projects).
• Institutional and Strategy Development Expert, Built Local Governments
and Ministry of Public Works structure and functions.
• Project Feasibility Analysis, Formulation/Design and set up of management
• Project design, costing and site supervision.
• Tender documentation and Evaluation.
• Project preparation and management, compliant to several multi-lateral
and bilateral development agencies requirements (SIDA, UN, EU,
Norwegian, DANIDA, Dfid, USAID etc.);
• Employment-intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) – strategies of
infrastructure development; Management of rural roads, urban roads
projects and programmes; Monitoring and evaluation Institutional
development and local capacity building.
Professional Experience:
March 2020-
February 2021.
Project: KfW – Baidoa Project
Country: Somalia – (Baidoa – South West State).
Position: Technical Advisor (TA, (EIIP) -Institutional Development,
capacity Building and Technical supporter –
“Creating decent work opportunities for Somali IDPs, returnees
and host communities through employment-intensive
improvement” project. The project seeks to enhance the
community resilience through working with the local
administration, IDPs, returnees and the host communities to
undertake infrastructure measure to improve their livelihood.
Client: KfW – Germany Bank
Value • Euro 10.0 Million
Description: • The project is expected to deliver a set of targeted and
interlinked economic, social and environmental benefits as
well as serve as a model for future replication. It will also
promote a set of innovations, together with the local
administration and institutions that will help create better
living conditions for the IDPs returnees and the host
communities. The overall goal of the project is to build social
and economic resilience of the targeted communities in
Baidoa, reduce their vulnerabilities, promote gender
perspectives and resilient livelihoods.
• The project will be implemented using the ILO’s Employment
Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) approaches. The EIIP
supports countries in the design, formulation,
implementation and evaluation of policies and programmes
aiming to address unemployment and underemployment
through public investment, typically in infrastructure
development. Its field programmes rely on employmentintensive and local resource-based approaches for the
production of public assets in a range of areas such as road
construction and maintenance, irrigation infrastructure,
reforestation, and soil conservation. Implementation
modalities range from public works programmes where
individuals are hired directly, to the contracting of small and
medium enterprises. EIIP always works to produce public
assets and generate employment in local communities.
• Overall Technical Coordination of ILO portfolio in the KfW
Baidoa Project.
• Capacity Building and Training: Review of Institutional set-up.
• Training of the staff from Ministry of Public Works, Road
Agency, District Engineers, Contractors on Labour Based
Technology (LBT);
• Support to Baidoa Local governments
CV – Roble Mohamed 4
• Support Ministry of Public Works – South West State
January 2010-
February 2020.
Project: Joint Programme for Local Government Decentralised Service
Delivery – Somalia (JPLG) – http://www.jplg.org/
Country: Somalia – (Puntland, Somaliland and South central of Somalia).
Position: Technical Advisor (TA, (EIIP) -Institutional Development, capacity
Building and Technical supporter – Head of the Technical
Infrastructure (Managing 11 Field Engineers and 21 District
Client: ILO / UN together with UNDP, UNHABITAT, UNICEF, UNCDF.
Value USD 30.0 Million per year.
Description: • Overall Technical Coordination of ILO portfolio in the UN Joint
Programme for Local Govcernance and Decentralized
Service Delivery;
• Integration of infrastructure, employment promotion, local
economic recovery (LER) concerns into the UN Decent Work
Country Programme fo Somalia;
• Consolidation of JPLG Road Service Delivery Module (SDM)
into strategic decentralization process;
• Coordination of external consultancy services in Formulation
of Road Sector Decentralization Strategy;
• Coordination of ILO Road Sector Study for Puntland and
• Lead in ILO Technical; support in Developing national norms
and standards for local-resource-based infrastructure
• Capacity Building and Training: Review of Institutional set-up,
training of Project management units‘ (PMU) staff, project
managers and consultants in planning, implementation and
monitoring for LG;
• Training of the staff from Ministry of Public Works, Road
Agency, District Engineers, Contractors on Labour Based
Technology (LBT);
• Support to Local governments on preparation of standards,
manuals & guideline, specifications and procedures for
planning and implementation of infrastructure – buildings,
roads, environment and agriculture infrastructure and to train
the district public works departments and contractors.
• Support Ministry of Public Works and Road Agency to develop
Interim Road Technical Design standard Manuals for Somaliathis will support road works activities in the district;
• Support to Ministry of Public Works, Road Agency and District
Public Works Departments to develop tool for District Road
Network, investment and Maintenance Planning and
Prioritization for the Districts in Somalia;
• Capacity building of the line Ministry to undertake its role in
decentralized service delivery and establish systems to allow
Ministry to play this role;
• Support to local government institutions- district public works
departments and local partners- contractors associations and
engineer’s associations, to perform their functions through the
implementation a capacity development programme. This
includes and is not limited to planning and budgeting,
appraising and designing works, procuring and
implementation, supervision, monitoring, certification of works
and maintaince and asset management. This will involve
carrying out formal, on-the-job training and mentorship of staff
of Ministry of Public Works, Road Agencies as well as the district
public works departments.
CV – Roble Mohamed 5
Technical Support to implement various projects stages to the
Local Governments and Central Government:
• from (Planning process); Assisting partners to prioritise
initiatives based on agreed criteria such as available
resources, equity, data collection, architectural and
engineering services Preparation of technical designs and Bills
of Quantities (BOQ’s through (Implementation process,
construction management);
• To develop management tools that are necessary for the
effective and efficient planning, implementation and
monitoring of infrastructure works. In this regard the Road
Development Agency;
• Preparation of internal and external progress (technical and
financial) reports.
November 2008
-December 2009
Project 1 Somalia Urban Development Programme (SUDP) – Management
of ILO’s Project Portfolio on Somalia- (SUDP).
Country : Somalia
Position: Technical Officer
Client : ILO / UN
Funding European Commission.
Description: • Social & Economic Recovery of Somalia through urban
governance, urban management and services; in Hargeisa,
Berbera, Sheikh, Boroma, Burao Municipalities Somaliland, and
Bosasso and Garowe Municipalities in Puntland;
• Peace consolidation through urban road upgrading and
housing development – development of procedures for
planning and management, setting up of tariffs,
management procures under public-private partnerships
• Project Management of the joint ILO/EU/UN-Habitat Urban
Management Project comprising of upgrading urban informal
settlements and services;
• Management of Employment-Intensive Investment
Programme for Somalia covering South central;
• Responsible for engineering supervision such as; identification,
feasibility study, design, BOQs, procurement process,
technical evaluation and management of the
implementation of several constructions works (buildings and
roads) in all Somalia;
• Follow-up the different stages of the project cycle ensuring
timely delivery of investment projects.
Project 2: Improvement of Living Conditions of IDPs in Jowhar & Baidoa,
Somalia (total budget EUR 3.5 million)
Country: Somalia
Partners: Partners: UN- Habitat, Interim District Authorities, Community
Organisations in Jowhar & Baidoa
Funding Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)
Components Planning and support in improvement of shelter and urban
infrastructure and public spaces
Position: Technical Officer
Responsibilities Needs analysis of shelter, urban infrastructure and public spaces;
institutional capacity of interim district councils and community
Planning and design of infrastructure;
Training in production of appropriate building materials;
Promotion of market development and business training;
Management/oversight of community grants for small
infrastructure works, including development of procedures for
CV – Roble Mohamed 6
Oversight on community works for consultation, planning and
implementation of community projects;
Project 3: USAID-Funded Employment for Peace in Somalia
Components: • Building capacity of interim district councils to deliver
services and create large scale employment;
• Support to creation of employment targeted for youth
(including ex-militia), women, IDPs and host
communities through labour intensive infrastructure
• Improvement of public infrastructure for service
delivery and access to services;
• Improvement of environmental practices leading to
better drainage, sanitation, water supply and
increased use of renewable energy resources.
Position: Technical Officer
• Formulation of 3-year programme, budget Eur 3 million,
initial Management of the programme (first 3 months);
• Management of community grants for development of small
scale community level infrastructure through development
of procedures, assessment of community proposals approval
of disbursements;
• Budget responsibility approx. Eur 0.7 million (6 months).
April 2007 –
October 2008
Project: Somalia Employment for Peace and Development Programme
Country Somalia (South Central)
Position EXCOL – Technical Adviser/Capacity Building Expert, Roads,
Urban Infrastructure & Services.
Client: ILO / UN
Funding: Norwegian
Value: USD 4.0 Million.
Description: Technical Advisory Services:
• Advisory support to Local Government of South central of
Somalia – Departments of Roads & Transport, Public Works,
Health, Education, 5 District Municipalities in Public Works
Programme, Preparation of Annual Plans, project
prioritization, review of Integrated Development Planning,
review of technical documents incorporation of equity
concerns (gender and youth) and incorporation of labour
policies and practices.
• To certify the works and payment certificates ensuring
compliance with agreed technical standards and
specifications collate technical reports and forward the
same to superiors as per agreed timeframes.
February 2006 –
February 2007
Project: Real Estate Developer in Dar
Country: Dar es Salam – Tanzania
Position: Project Engineer
Build-Dar – Construction & Material Ltd.
Client: Haji International Ltd –Dar-Tanzania
Funding: Haji International Ltd
Value: USD 0.5 Million.

Description: • Planning, appraisal and feasibility studies, preparation of
designs and cost estimation;
CV – Roble Mohamed 7
• Contract management including preparation of the
workplan of the activities (different stages), preparation of
certification of quality of work against set standards and
specifications and preparation and verification of payment
certificates and to follow-up the different stages of
instalments processes;
• Reporting to the client based on the follow-up the different
stages of the project cycle ensuring timely delivery of
investment projects.
January 2001 –
December 2005
Project: Somalia Primary and Secondary Education Project in Urban
Areas – Areas of Mogadishu -Somalia
Country: South Central of Somalia
Position: Project Engineer, Institutional Development & Maintenance
Component of the schools
EAMECO – (East Africa Modern Engineering Co.)
Client: Ministry of Education – Somalia.
Funding: Africa Muslim Agency (AMA).
Value: USD 1.2 Milion.
Description: • Key responsibility for project conception, planning, design,
management of implementation;
• Managing the company projects – from architectural and
engineering services through construction and
• To certify the works and payment certificates ensuring
compliance with agreed technical standards and
specifications collate technical reports and forward the
same to superiors as per agreed timeframes.
March 1992 –
July 1997
Project: Supply Construction Material
Country: London – UK
Position: Technical Distributor
Client: Share Staff Recruitment and Construction Material Limited.
Description: • Liaison between the staff and other Contractors;
• Coordination of secondment of staff to various counterparts;
• Assisting with operational, administrative and logistical
matters as required;
• Assisting in monitoring project activities and providing
advice on required corrective actions as necessary;
• Ensuring the safe-keep and disbursement of materials to
various sections.
Relevant course / publications:
1989-2017 Developed
and Supported
1. The Interim Roads Technical Design Standard Manuals for
Road Agency in Somalia.
2. The Tender documents and Technical Specifications of road
and Buliding works for the Ministry of Public Works and Local
Governments in Somalia.
3. District Road Network, investment and Maintenance
Planning and Prioritization for the Districts in Somalia.
4. The District Public Works structure and functions (TOR) for
5. Projects design of Artificial Recharge at Kalmar Waterworks
(1999) – Sweden
6. Project of Environmental impact assessment at JÄRFÄLLA
Road and Housing Project (1999) – Sweden
7. Project design for Mini-Hydropower testing of Jannale Dam
CV – Roble Mohamed 8
Courses: 1. Course for Employment – intensive investment for sustainable
Development in (Turin – Italy) – 14-18/June/2010.
2. Course for Labour Based Technology and Community
Contracting (Mbale Uganda)- (Feb – March 2007).
Seminars 1. ILO-Regional seminar for labour-based practitioners, Oct2007 – Durban, South Africa.
2. ILO-Regional seminar for labour-based practitioners, Oct –
2009 – Kampala, Uganda.
3. ILO-Regional seminar for labour-based practitioners, Nov –
2011 – Acra Ghana.
4. ILO-Regional seminar for labour-based practitioners, Nov –
2013 – Benin.
5. ILO-Regional seminar for labour-based practitioners, Nov –
2017- Addis Ababa, Ethipia.
1. Paul Simkin
Senior Programme Manager
Joint Programme Local Governance Programme &
Decentralised Service Delivery,
UNON Complex,UN Gigiri Avenue
P.O Box 28832-00200 Nairobi, Kenya
Email: paul.simkin.jplg@one.un.org
Mobile:+254 (0) 721 205 306
+252 90 618 428 (Somali number).
2. George Okutho
Director, ILO – Sub Regional Office for Eastern Africa , COAddis Ababa –Ethiopia. okutho@ilo.org Tel:+251 1 5444344.
3. Abdikarim Hussein Guled
Former Galmudug State President – Somalia.
Date: 30 July 2020
(Roble, Mohamed Hussein)

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