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Al-Shabaab Militants Kill Police Reservist, Injure Two Others In Mandera Attack

Al-Shabaab militants struck for the third day running in Mandera killing one Kenya police reservist and injuring two others before burning two tractors at a dam site. The reservists tried to fight off the on attack Wednesday morning when they fell victims. They were guarding the Banyole dam which is under construction when they came under attack. Witnesses said the gang went on to torch two tractors including an excavator that were at the site as other workers ran for their lives. The attacks indicate the militants are now back in the area and roaming with impunity. This has grounded many operations in the expansive county for the last two weeks, which has left at least 15 people dead. On Tuesday morning, at least three police were injured when Al-Shabaab gunmen attacked their vehicle in Bambahowla area, Mandera County.

<span;>This came a day after the gang killed three people and abducted three others in Falama and Jabibar areas of the upper Northeastern region along the common border with Somalia. On Tuesday, the police vehicle from Wargadud police station was heading for Elwak when those on board came under gun attack. The driver managed to drive through but the attack left two Kenya Police Reservists and the acting Officer Commanding Station injured. The victims were admitted to a local hospital with multiple injuries, police authorities said.

On Monday, the group staged two attacks targeting civilians travelling on trucks and killed three people before kidnapping three others, police said. At Falama the terrorists hijacked a construction truck, kidnapped the driver and his crew before torching it while at Jabibar, the terrorists hijacked another lorry with five occupants before killing three and sparing the female passenger. One Al-Shabaab militant was killed after the lorry that was carrying miraa ran over them. This was after the gang tried to stop it. The driver later overturned a few metres ahead enabling the gang to catch up with them, police said. The particular group kidnapped the lorry driver. Those abducted are yet to be found but teams of security agents had joined the hunt on them…….

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