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Panel discussion for the Disabled people role in the social and policy in Somalia

IEDP Institute of education for the disabled people organized two days panel discussion for the PWDs persons with disabilities and the DPOs Disabled People Organizations based in Somalia particularly in Mogadishu the capital city of Somalia Bandir region local authority
The two days panel discussion is participated civil society and DPOs who made their contribution the first day discussion with topic of social inclusion barriers for the disability people. Noted five key points and questions discussed were.
the whole day. The situation of the disability people in general, the role of the PWDs in the society and family, the role of the PWDs in the economic and business, the role of the PWDs in the education and employment and the role of the PWDs in the humanitarian aid work in the county
most participants noted that the PWDs in Somalia came up with vision and goals to established their own DPOs the disabled people organization when they missed the public service for all the people. They have opened CBOs community based organization working the education, rehabilitation, shelter the IDP camps, advocacy and protection which most of the mare operation with volunteer work and members contributions
the international community the donors who support the civil society and government institution made discrimination the work of the DPOs in on the ground in the country. UN OCHA and international donors spent hundreds millions dollars in Somalia every year which is excluded the disability people program and interventions
Finally the cloture of the day one the participants raised question to the government and international community end the discrimination against the disability people their organization working in the country. In a time Somalia joined CRPD member state the 178 in the signatory and ratified countries which will punt responsibility to the civl society, international community and the government of Somalia .
The next session tomorrow will be the political participation role and the issue of press statement where the project will prepare Somali disability report paper circulated to the all-stakeholder of the Somalia


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