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Federalism research is presented in Somali upper house

Federalism research is presented in Somali upper house
On 14 august 2023 the federal government of Somali senate house representing the federal states presented type of federalism suitable Somalia. The senate committee home affairs chairlady presented the paper written Somali language distributed to the members of the upper house senators.
The members has made discussion about the research made for the kind of federalism suitable Somalia. Where most of the senator stand to speak and comment the agenda said. We knowledge the problems of federalism in Somalia. We have made only for solution people suffer long lasted clan conflict based on political and leadership in Somalia
Senator Gagab member of the senate home affairs committee said we see this federalism is clan where federal member states are clans. We sough as conflict resolution. We served more than one decade since 2012 where federalism was implemented in Somalia
Somalia federalism is based territorial and regions where every two regions can join with one federal state. Most federal member state have regions nearly two or more than two except one federal state that has one and have regions. This is violation of the federalism agreement in Somalia. Beside clan fluids that many people killed and buried their homes who can accept central government. Said by Senator Hassan from Jubba land state of Somalia
Senator Dube former ministry of information and journalism said we don’t see right time to discuss federalism in time we are in national emergency where the federal president took military uniform for the liberation of Al-shabab from the country. If the President fail this campaign we may not wish new successor rather we may end up occupied by terrorist and the world may imposed sanction where many of us will die hunger or bullets
Senator Samsam Ibrahom from the Southwest Somalia said we the people of the southwest made the proposal for federalism in Somalia 1949 when our politician write letter to the united nation to impose Somalia federalism which has worked several decades later after the destruction and death of many people. We are enough to be wise the federalism for Somalia. We wanted before.
More than ten senator registered to comment the agenda for the federalism the second deputy for the senate house Mr. Tima’ade said we may consider the kind of federalism we want that give progress. We see that some regions like Somali land proclaimed independent state which is distributing the federal and centrals system there I encourage the part to discuss more in the agenda
Most senator proposed that agenda to be continues for further discussion in the next session for the senate house. The committee should made further more research and analysis the federalism in the work with comparative analysis in some regions in the world.


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