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Heavy Fighting In Central Somalia As Army Pushes Al-Shabaab Out Of Villages

The Somali National Army, backed by Galmudug security forces and African Union troops, have seized several villages from the militant group Al-Shabaab in the central Galgaduud region, after heavy clashes that continued for hours. Galmudug state’s security ministry said in a statement that the SNA’s 21st Division, backed by Galmudug security forces and the Djiboutian troops who are part of AMISOM, seized the villages of Mir-Dugle, Bula’le and El Ali Mire villages from Al-Shabaab militants. The statement quoted military commanders on the frontlines as saying that they captured equipment, including weapons from the fleeing Al-Shabaab fighters.

Reliable reports from the region also indicate that the troops captured the villages of Hirsi-fin, Ada-Har, El-garage and God-dhurwaa, which are located south of Galmudug state capital, Dhusamareb. The reports added that the Somali troops, backed by AMISOM forces, are on their way to take control of El-Lahelay and El-Garas areas, which have been under Al-Shabaab control for more than a decade. Army commanders involved in the operation confirmed at least 10 Al-Shabaab fighters were killed in the heavy clashes, which are reportedly still ongoing. They did not comment on the casualties from the Somali army and AMISOM side.

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