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International education event held in Somalia

SDN has organised international education day 24 January 2023 celebration event in Mogadishu. The event is participated by members from the PWDs, CSOs, SOSNEG, SIEP and SDN who presented their appreciation of the international education days and share the celebration billions people in the world particularly the 1.2 billion PWDs in the worldwide

SDN expressed the active role for the SNE special need education in Somalia which is very rare and in a starting points that need to be highlighted public to the local people in Somalia the CSOs and the government organs who work the development and the investment of the education.

The members participated in the event were mostly actors from the PWDs and DPOs in protection and education service deliverable including the master of schools and teachers who have some kind of impairment. The teachers for the NSE in Somalia presented lack payment equal to the teacher working education in the schools of the non-disabled children’s and students

The majority of the SNE and IE in Somalia initiatives from the members from the PWDs who realised the gap founded institutions and organization that provide formal and non-formal education for the disability people. The actors of these organs raised question for the discrimination against them in the private and public sectors.

The donors spend hundreds millions dollar the investment of the education in Somalia. Supporting hundreds schools and thousands of teachers excluding the PWDs schools and teachers. This is painful complain made by some members in the event today. The teachers from the IE and SNE in Somalia are mostly volunteer who dedicated their time, skill and resources to insure no one is left behind for education in Somalia

SIEP Somalia Inclusive Education Platform is one of the programs initiated SDN that work mainstreaming education in the country the private and public institutions the schools and the universities advocacy for the inclusion of disability people the students, teachers and the administrations of the schools. This will support the empowerment and development of the PWDs in Somalia.

The PWDs in school in Somalia have not facts and figures. Evaluations made in the several schools with hundreds students proved less than 1 persons each school. While in some schools there is no single students in schools with hundreds student and tens teachers. This was really shocking that inspired the mobilization of the parent to send their children to the education.

The evaluations made in the PWDs, great number of them are very much interested to attend formal and non-formal education, but cost is standing barrier for the school. While some of them presented weakness for the movement to reach schools which are sometime several KMs to their homes. While it is very difficult to pay transportation fees to the business that deliver the student the schools.

The evaluation mad proof that poor stereotype is common problems for majority of the PWDs attend schools. Where people firmly believe that education is not possible for persons with some kind of impairment or disability, physical and sensory. The members from the PWDs presented they victim for the some of the society who attack them constantly verbal with dehumanising word against their inspiration for the participation of schools and universities in Somalia.

Beside lack of proper curriculum is main problem that prevent access of education in Somalia for the PWDs. Particularly the persons who have sensory impairment the blind and the deaf people as well as the persons with multiple impairments. There is no braille and sign language in Somalia nationally. People use foreign curriculums that made some time gap in the transition from the primary to the in…


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