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Law and Policy Review Workshop held in Virtual on 13 to 15 June 2021

Law and Policy Review Workshop held in Virtual on 13 to 15 June 2021With support from United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia UNSOM, Human Right and Protection Group, Women and Child Cluster (WCC) organized three-day workshop on reviewing key policies and laws in Somalia for 40 participants coming from various clusters. The workshop was part of OCHR thematic note of “widening democratic space” with the aim of Increasing compliance with International Human Rights Standards and International Humanitarian Law. 40 participants representing various regions in the country who are working on different thematic areas joined the three-day virtual deliberation. For the purpose of COVID19 concerns, the workshop was conducted in Zoom, WCC made sure everyone was on board.
The workshop attended different stakeholders including lawyers, CSOs MPs, Office of Attorney General, representative from ministry of Women and Human Right Development (MoWHRD), Ministry of Health, representative from office of president and representative from Women and Child Cluster, Somali youth cluster, Somali Disable cluster, Marginalized Community Advocate (MCA), Human right cluster and Humanitarian Cluster.
Objectives of the workshop
 To look at Somalia’s legal system (from 1960s to present day) for general understanding
 Understanding Sources of legal systems in Somalia
 Understanding Hierarchy of legal system in Somalia
 Help participants understand the difference between formal and informal justice mechanisms
 To evaluate specific laws and policies related on women’s rights protection
 Which laws are needed amendment/reform?
 Comparison between sexual offenses bill vs sexual intercourse bill
 Key advocacy strategies and conclusions

The whole participants recommended to conduct such workshop to understand and educate to the community Laws and policies existing in Somalia, challenges encountering to implement and areas needed immediate action.
The three-day workshop ended with successful atmosphere where 95% of the outlined objectives was achieved. Participant’s understanding of the Somali legal system and its sources had increased and their level of understanding was excellent. Key laws and policies were also reviewed during the workshop and the contribution from the participants was invaluable and very rich.


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