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Somali disability inclusion coalition organized internationalLabour Day in Mogadishu 2023


Somali disability inclusion coalition organized internationalLabour Day in Mogadishu 2023

On Monday 1 May 2023 The commemoration of international labour day in Mogadishu organized by group of DPOs,  CSOs and individuals  working the disability inclusion in Somalia. The event was organised by the Somalia Disability Inclusion Coalition a group of organizations working the advocacy for the disability rights protection, livelihood and development programs in Somalia.

The participants of the event made discussion for the overall employment in Somalia in the private sectors and publics organization the government organizations one of the main source employment in Somalia.  The participants raised their concern for the recruitment of the public private.  The  international donors who made the recruitment of hundreds persons has not made inclusion the PWDs  in their programs for humanitarian aid, development and the state building project implemented in variety places and regions in the country. ‘

Deliberate exclusion of PWDs in the employment is exceptional where the disability inclusion programs staff are mostly hired for non-disabled people.  This result usual fiasco for the disability inclusion and mainstreaming programs supported by donors. Most of these program report secures for their program that has not made change for many people. While some program aimed for the disability people are directly  subjected to benefit by non-disabled people.

So far hundreds persons are recruited for disability inclusion programs staff, officers and program managers. This shapes lack of disability inclusion strategic plans for the donors.  Some of the PWDs participated in the disability inclusion employment candidates were excluded before the short list while very little who reach the short list are  left alone from the selection with discriminative criteria.

The International Labour Day

International labour day 1 May  is an international that service the protection of the worldwide  workforce people and human resource through the civil society. ILO is one of the main organs that stand the promotion of skills training and job security for million people in the world including the PWDs in the world where ILO advocates quota for the PWDs in the world.

The Participants Of The Event Made Press Statement

  1. The PWDs are requesting the federal government of Somalia for the utilization of national disability employment quota nearly 10%. As sighted in federal government provisional constitution article 11 and the CRPD article that enforce inclusion and non-discrimination for particularly people ethnics, raise and disability.


  1. the PWDs are requesting from the ministry of the education the inclusion the national teachers recruitment and insure the 10% out of the 3,000 persons under process for placement. And elimination of the education certificate precondition against the PWDs who have professional skills for teaching but with degrees for other skills.
  2. the PWD are requesting the establishment of the national disability inclusion policy, special need education, Inclusive education, affirmative action plans and legislation that my support mainstreaming the disability in the cross cutting sectors the teachers and other employments.


  1. the PWDs are requesting from the private sectors, Public sectors the donors, civil society and government organizations the reduction of the unemployment through support of the TVET programs, income generation and the investment of the small and intermediate enterprises for the PWDs and their families with extended participation the decision making the PWDs and DPOs.


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