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Somali Disability People Consultation For Strategic Plan

Somali Disability People Consultation For Strategic Plan
On Saturday 25 December 2021 consultation meeting was held in Mogadishu at Jowhara Hotel In Mogadishu opposite the ministry of the foreign affairs Somali federal government Hodan District .

the meeting was prepared and organised by SDN board and the assembly jointly ot make consultation and the collection of input for the annual strategic plan the Somali disability network.

The meeting is participated all individual members of the network who made their input in the discussion for the contributions collected the groups. The participants where 40 persons from 14 DPOs disabled people organizations most of them active in Mogadishu the capital city of Somalia.

And some others based in the regions of the country. that made the network operation most regions in the country mainly the south-central Somalia zone.

The members participating the one day finalizations for the SDN consultation meeting made validation their input for the strategic plan after groups work made in the participants. Nearly 5 teams worked with variety sector or work has made input for the draft. Some of the participants made presentation for the draft of teams while other team asked question for crass checking the presentations.

The participants of the consultation meeting for draft work and validation of the Somali disability network were all type of disability people and their organization. Representative from the visual impaired, hearing impaired and the physical charged with gender balance and role in the teams and the participants.

The draft strategy prepared in the meeting will be blue print for the baseline of the Somali Disability Network strategy 2021-2023. Nearly two years consecutive.

The draft work plan for the disability network will have five key pillars that will consist chapters full of with most needs and problems of the PWDs and DPOs.

As well as their solution and partners. With leading role and participation the civil society, DPOs, international NGO, the donors and Somali federal government.

The chairperson of the Somali disability network closed the meeting and told the participants we have made the finalizations of our consultation for the Somali Disability Network strategic plan the 2022- 2023 nearly one year ahead of

. These will serve overall need of the PWDs mainly social and political participation as well humanitarian aid and the development program. These strategy will be successful with partnership the civil society, PWDs International NGOs, Donors and Government of Somalia.

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