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Somali man abducted in Westgate attack abducted

Liban Abdullahi, one of three men charged in the Westgate shopping mall attack, was reportedly missing two days ago due to lack of evidence.

According to the Kenya Muslim Rights Advocacy. When Liban was released by the court, he boarded a car with members of his family, and was ambushed by gunmen.

Liban’s lawyer Mbugua Mureithi told a Kenyan television station that the men claimed to be members of the security forces.

Police declined to comment.

On Wednesday, two Kenyan men were convicted of aiding and abetting the 2013 attack on the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, which killed 67 people.

Liban Abdullahi, a Somali refugee in Kenya and the son of one of the men who attacked Westgate, was the third suspect and was released by the court after no evidence was found.


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