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Somalia Approves US $459 Million Budget For 2020

The Cabinet today approved a majority vote of $ 459.5 million for the 2020 government budget.

The increase in the 2020 budget, most of which is an increase in the army’s pay, with each soldier earning $ 200 a month.

Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre, who chaired the meeting, thanked the Ministry of Finance who completed the 2020 budget on time, all government agencies that worked to increase government revenue and the cabinet also approved the budget.

“They deserve more and they owe us more. “We have turned to our army after a long period of work in restructuring our economic capacity. This is the first year it will be a month,” said Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre.

Mr. Hassan Ali Khayre said the 2020 budget is based on the country’s vision and development, and it shows a vibrant government whose aim is security and service and when the country is pardoned the debt will be increased to billions.

The government budget has increased by 274% since the government took power.


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