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The first AGM of Somali disability network

The first AGM of Somali disability network
On Wednesday 08 September 2021 Somali Disability Network organized the fist AGM for the network since the establishment October 2020 almost 12 months ago one year. The meeting is participated by the representatives of the member organizations the DPOs the disabled people organization who made their role and presentations in the meeting for the work of the DPOs.

The meeting is presided by the chairperson of the Assembly Mr. Shiikh Omer Abdi Omer the top person of the main committee of the network the assembly. The chairperson thanked to the all participants of the meeting for their valuable time and role in the meeting. He made remarkable tribute to the members of the assembly and the board of the director the contribution of achieving the vision, mission and goals of the network .

We all spend a resource to the coordination of the Somali Disability Network with time, skills, money and commitment that drive us from the zero point in the last year at the establishment when we did not have even united objective and goals for the DPOs to achieve common result for the protection of basic human rights, promotion of the socioeconomics and political participations in Somalia.

The representatives organizations made their presentations, the objectives, goals and the achievement of individual organizational for the support the PWDs in the country in variety places and regions. The members has also presented challenges and barrier of the DPOs to achieve throe target gaols for the short time and the logger time .

the members were both males and females committed the gender balance where the DPOs working the gender empowerment raised questions insuring equality among the organizations for the international and external opportunities.

The chairperson of the execution the board of the directors Mr. Abdullahi Hussein Osman thanked to the all participants in the meeting with their tiles from the chairperson n other assembly and the members of the board of the directors and the assembly. We acknowledge the little achievements we have made in the last 12 months of existing Somali disability work.

With little support from save children capacity building, the office equipment and way ward cooperation in the future through TOFI project the first serving the empowerment of the PWDs and DPOs in Banadir region.

The energetic young disability persons with variety educational background and experiences inspires me hope for changes in the future. The elimination of all forms of barriers in the social, investment and political participation. The 365 days of the last year we have made member contribute that managed us to rent office, hire staff, pay the logistics of the works .

no matter the little money and ability the reality is commitment makes true your dreams. Together we can breach the obstacles in front of us from the social, humanitarian aid, the development and political participation in Somalia.

Unjustifiable punishment against the People with variety impairment in Somalia.

Finally, the chairperson of the Assembly Mr. Omer Abdi Omer the oldest among the members of the network with over 40 years’ experience and learning disabilities thanked the motivation and the commitments of the members of the network. The chairperson told the parapets nothing about us, without us. Somalia signed the convention rights of the PWDs which puts obligations and responsibilities the civil society, the international community, the federal states and the federal government of Somalia from the protection and proton of the disability people.

The message of the meeting was. ‘no matter our disabilities and little resources we have’. Our natural tale talents and commitment may lead a society, environment, donors and government without discrimination against the disability people.


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