NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the above trademark (NETFLIX Series) is the property of NETFLIX, INC., a Delaware, USA Corporationo f100 Winchester Circle, Los Gatos, California 95032 United Statesand that the same trade mark is used for the following products:

Class 09: Software for streaming audiovisual and multimedia content via the internet and global communications networks; software for streaming audiovisual and multimedia content to mobile digital electronic devices; software for searching, organizing, and recommending multimedia content; software development tools for creating software and mobile applications; computer software; computer programs; downloadable computer software applications; downloadable mobile applications; video game software; computer game software; interactive video game programs; computer game cartridges and discs; electronic game programs and software; electronic game software for mobile telephones, tablets, personal computers, and handheld electronic devices; virtual reality and augmented reality hardware and software; downloadable motion pictures and television shows provided via a video-on-demand service; downloadable graphics featuring sets of digital images and icons for use on computers, tablets, and mobile phones; CDs and DVDs; downloadable motion pictures and television shows; audiobooks; downloadable ringtones and sound recordings; audio and visual recordings; musical recordings; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; encoded electronic chip cards; magnetically encoded gift cards; electronic publications; digital media streaming devices; digital video recorders; DVD and high definition video disc players; home theater systems comprised of audio and video receivers; disc players; televisions; television set-top boxes; computer hardware and peripheral devices; mouse pads; wrist and arm rests for use with computers; stands adapted for mobile phones, tablet computers; calculators; camcorders; cameras; digital cameras; radios; USB flash drives; audio speakers; cell phone strap; cell phone cases; cell phone covers; keyboards for tablets; covers for tablet computers; cases for tablet computers; flip covers for tablet computers; protective covers and cases for electronic devices namely, computers, tablet computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, digital media players, electronic book readers, smartwatches, video game consoles, and personal digital assistants; protective display screen covers; adapters; headphones; earphones; walkie-talkies; telephones; mobile phones; headsets for mobile phones; adapters for use with telephones; batteries; battery chargers; wireless chargers; smart watches; eyewear; eyewear pouches; eyeglasses; sunglasses; eyeglass and sunglass cases; binoculars; decorative magnets; graduated rulers; magnifying glasses; microphones; sports helmets; bicycle helmets; flotation vests; snorkels; sports goggles; downloadable computer software applications.

Class 38: Audio and video on demand transmission; streaming of audio and visual content; transmission of voice, data, images, signals, messages and information; audio and visual broadcasting; transmission and delivery of audio and visual content; video-on-demand transmission services; providing an online forum where users can post ratings, reviews, and recommendations of movies and television shows and on events and activities in the field of entertainment and education.

Class 41: Entertainment services; entertainment information; film production, other than advertising films; providing non-downloadable films and television shows via video-on-demand transmission services; provision of entertainment information via a website; Amusement park services; entertainment services in the nature of television series and movies in the fields of action adventure, animation, anime, biography, classics, comedy, crime, documentary, drama, faith, family, fantasy, film-noir, history, horror, international, musical, mystery, romance, science fiction, sports, thrillers, war, and westerns; entertainment services in the nature of conducting exhibitions and conventions concerning television and film, and television and film characters; entertainment services in the nature of development, creation, production, distribution, and post-production of motion picture films, television shows, special events, and multimedia entertainment content; entertainment services in the nature of a live theatrical, musical or comedic performance; fan club services; production and distribution of motion picture films and television shows; providing entertainment services via a global communication network in the nature of online games and websites featuring a wide variety of general interest entertainment information relating to motion picture films, television show programs, musical videos, related film clips, photographs, and other multimedia materials; providing online non-downloadable video clips and other multimedia digital content containing audio, video, artwork, and/or text from or related to a television series; providing entertainment information via a website; entertainment services, namely, providing online computer, electronic and video games; providing temporary use of non-downloadable interactive games; providing information, reviews, and recommendations regarding movies and television shows via a website and video-on-demand transmission services; educational and entertainment services, namely, providing interactive online television series and movies.

NOTICE IS ALSO GIVEN that NETFLIX, INC., claims all rights in respect of the aforesaid trade mark in Somalia and will initiate appropriate legal action against any person or persons found to be using the aforesaid trade mark or any other trade mark deceptively or confusingly similar, or otherwise infringes on its rights.



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