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Welcoming the support provided by the UN Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS) to AMISOM

The Security Council,
Recalling all its previous resolutions and statements of its President on the situation in Somalia,

Reaffirming its respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity, political independence, and unity of Somalia,

Condemning violations and abuses of international human rights law and violations of international humanitarian law in Somalia, calling on all parties to act in full compliance with international human rights law and international humanitarian law, and further recalling the Working Group Conclusions on Children and Armed Conflict in Somalia (S/AC.51/2017/2),

Condemning Al Shabaab attacks in Somalia and beyond, expressing deep concern at the loss of civilian life from Al Shabaab attacks, and further expressing concern over reports of an increased presence in Somalia of pro-Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant actors,

Paying tribute to the bravery and sacrifices made by the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and Somali security forces personnel in the fight against Al Shabaab, and commending the contribution of AMISOM to lasting peace and stability in Somalia,

Welcoming the support provided by the UN Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS) to AMISOM and the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM), further welcoming political support provided by UNSOM, AMISOM and the AU, and the political and financial support from international partners, welcoming the commitment by Somalia and the UN to strengthen their relationship and in this regard looks forward to the new Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia, taking up their duties,

Underlining the importance of finalising an inclusive political settlement between the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) and the Federal Member States (FMS) and recalling the importance of the full implementation of the conditions-based Transition Plan with clear target dates (Transition Plan) which sets out the progressive transfer of security responsibilities from AMISOM to the Somali Security institutions and forces,

Expressing grave concern at the humanitarian situation in Somalia, and commending AMISOM’s efforts to create conditions conducive to the delivery of humanitarian assistance,

Emphasising the need for adequate risk assessment and risk management strategies by the FGS and the UN, of climate change, other ecological changes, natural disasters, energy access, and other factors on the stability of Somalia,

Taking note of the 2019 Joint AU-UN Review of AMISOM, the African Union Peace and Security Council’s communiqué of 9 May 2019 on the situation in Somalia, and the Secretary-General’s letter of 10 May on AMISOM,

Determining that the situation in Somalia continues to constitute a threat to international peace and security,

Acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations,

1. Calls on the FGS and FMS urgently to accelerate progress towards an inclusive political settlement, that includes: 1) their agreement on resource and power sharing to be enshrined in the revision of the Provisional Federal Constitution 2) the establishment of governance and oversight structures, and 3) the delineation of roles and responsibilities of Somalia’s security institutions; and further calls on the FGS and FMS to accelerate security planning for elections, in coordination with AMISOM, UNSOS, and UNSOM, including to allow an inclusive, peaceful, free and fair oneperson-one-vote in 2020/2021;

2. Underlines that the threat of Al Shabaab and other armed opposition groups will not be defeated by military means alone and in this regard, calls on the
FGS, FMS, AMISOM, the UN and UN Member states to work together to take a comprehensive approach to security;

3. Recalls its support for the Transition Plan, and underscores therecommendation in the Joint Review 2019 that AMISOM’s strategic tasks and priorities be seen primarily in the context of the transition;

4. Underlines the necessity of taking a coordinated and cohesive approach to Somali-led political and security reforms and thereby calls on:
(a) AMISOM, UNSOM, UNSOS, the FGS and FMS to increase coordination and collaboration at all levels, including through the Senior Leadership Coordination Forum and the Comprehensive Approach to Security (CAS) mechanism;
(b) International and regional partners, in coordination with UNSOM and through the CAS mechanism, to coordinate and better align their support to AMISOM and Somalia in line with the Security Pact and to enable delivery of the Transition Plan, including with respect to mentoring, training, equipment, capacity building, and remuneration of police and military forces;

(c) The FGS, FMS, AMISOM, the UN, the AU and relevant partners, to increase comprehensive joint planning, coordination and information sharing through the relevant mechanisms, to enable more effective delivery and monitoring of the Transition Plan;

5. Underscores the need for all stakeholders to take into account the security situation in each location when transitioning, and for locations of drawdowns of AMISOM personnel to be determined by threat assessments and with due regard to the need to protect civilians and mitigate risk before, during and after any military operation, underlines that all transitions should be agreed between AMISOM and the Somali security forces and Somali authorities included in strategic and operational decision making processes and with the UN and other international partners where.

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