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Somalia’s Ministry Of Health Says There Is No Ebola Threat In The Country

The Somali government has said there is no danger over the outbreak of Ebola virus in the country. A Statement from the Ministry of Health and Social Services called for calm, saying the situation is under control. “The is no Ebola virus threat currently in the country.” The move follows social media comments over the past days about the level of preparedness by the Somali government due to the reported cases in the region like in Uganda.

Minister for Health and Social Services, Fowzia Abikar Nur, said they are closely monitoring the situation in the neighbouring and regional states over the deadly disease and her ministry has taken necessary measures. “The Ministry of Health and Social Services is closely monitoring the reported cases of Ebola virus across the continent mainly in Uganda…with the help from our partners such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Organization for Migration.”

The Ministry further said that trained personnel are on stand by to monitor the situation. “The Ministry of Health has mobilized personnel that has special skills and equipment to deal with the emergency case.” At least four people have been reported to have died due to Ebola virus in Uganda last week.

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