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The disability people call to action for the humanitarian day

The disability people call to action for the humanitarian day

Jointly the disability inclusion cluster  and Somali disability network member organized the commemoration  of the international humanitarian day 19 August 2022 in Mogadishu. The event is marked in the world wide and Somalia,  in the light of the harsh drought hit  Somalia. A post conflict country great number of the society depend of humanitarian aid programs and support.

The member of the disability inclusion cluster and the Somali disability network member made discussion about the situation of the PWDs in the country  in this hard time there wide impact disaster that devastated million people in the country.  Risk the lives of the 5 million people very danger to die for malnutrition in the urban and non-urban areas in the country

Among the victim of the droughts in Somalia include the people with disabilities who are more than 20%  of the population, risk and vulnerable to the harsh consequence of the drought  hot  the country.  The PWDs have no national census and referral data that can be supportive and  referral reported to  the situations and the interventions. The current work plans and national community for the drought respond is exclusive the is prevent the role of the disability people and member of their organization

The SCOs of Somali has made campaign to support the people affected the droughts in the country with support of the local charitable individuals and donors agencies. The respond plan is lined without the role and representation of the disability people and their organizations. This makes the situation of the PWDs more risk to the disaster and lack of support from the civil society organizations in the country.

Members of the PWDs and DPOs realised to be left alone in the unforeseeable risk of the hyper disaster unfolding in the country. The appeals of the international community, civil society and the government organs  to insure integrated effort that gives the persons with disabilities and their families priority in the drought respond effort  and  conduct  campaign to search them behind the walls and in the far rural areas.                                                                         Insure the obligations of the CRPD, international humanitarian law,  the united nation disability inclusion strategy, UNFP and UNICEF disability  inclusion strategy and the ICRC disability inclusion 2028
Call to Action Statement

1. We Disability Inclusion Cluster and Somali Disability Network are very much concerned the  harsh consequence and impact of the drought disaster to the Somalia   people, the resource the land and animals

2. We call to the civil society, international donors and federal government of Somalia to organize emergency respond the impact of the drought in Somalia

3. Insure the support of the most vulnerable groups the disability people, children and old people who are more risk to the disasters in the droughts.

4. Give priority and  provide emergency respond system the member from the disability people and their family who in the areas affected the disasters

5. Insure the role of the DPOs the participation in the coordination works and information sharing the decision making of the humanitarian aid work in the disaster respond time.

6. Precaution against all negligence the persons with disability can have terrible impact them  in the coordination of the humanitarian aid respond

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