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Airstrikes in Lower Shabelle Kill Key al-Shabaab Figures

In a significant development in the ongoing battle against al-Shabaab, airstrikes targeted the Lower Shabelle region near the Kunya Berow district on Wednesday night, resulting in the deaths of several high-ranking foreign operatives within the militant group.

According to reliable sources, three missiles were launched, directly hitting the positions where foreign officers associated with al-Shabaab were gathered. The strikes have been confirmed to have killed prominent figures who played crucial roles in the organization’s operations and outreach efforts.

Among those killed were:

1. Abu Fadil from Sudan, known for his work in al-Shabaab’s media production and video propaganda.

2. Abu Hasan from Yemen, who was instrumental in organizing and recruiting youth abroad for the militant group.

3. Bilal from Syria, a key military trainer within al-Shabaab.

4. Abu Salman from Kenya, who oversaw operations along the Kenyan border.

5. Abu Faisal from Burkina Faso, a teacher and expert in explosive devices.

6. Abu Qasim from Nigeria, the group’s representative responsible for preparing for foreign conflicts.

These individuals were key to al-Shabaab’s strategy, spanning from media and recruitment to direct military training and explosive expertise. Their deaths represent a significant blow to the group’s capabilities and its international connections.

The airstrikes are part of ongoing efforts by various international coalitions to dismantle the militant group’s infrastructure and diminish its influence across the Horn of Africa and beyond. This operation underscores the commitment of the global community, especially Arab and African nations, to combat terrorism and restore peace and stability in the region.


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