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Chinese Envoy Calls For More International Support For Somalia

A Chinese envoy on Wednesday asked the international community to provide more support for Somalia in security capacity building and humanitarian and socio-economic development aid.

“Somalia is an important country in the Horn of Africa. Maintaining peace and stability in the country is in the common interests of the region and international community as a whole,” Yao Shaojun, minister counselor and political coordinator of China’s permanent mission to the United Nations, told the Security Council.

At present, the overall situation in Somalia remains complex, and it faces challenges on multiple fronts, he said. The Security Council, the United Nations as a whole and the international community should provide better support and assistance.

He asked for full respect for the ownership of the Somali federal government in domestic affairs. “We should respect the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Somalia, help establish an authoritative and capable federal government, and optimize its federal institutions.”

“We should strengthen communication and coordination with the Somali government, give full play to its own initiative, and improve its ability to achieve development on its own,” he added.

He asked to support the efforts of the African Union and other regional and subregional organizations to help maintain peace and security in Somalia.

At present, Somalia is still faced with serious threats from al-Shabaab militant group. It is necessary for the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) to continue its deployment in Somalia.

“China supports the Security Council in extending AMISOM’s mandate, and supports AMISOM in keeping necessary forces in the country,” said Yao.

He expressed the hope that the United Nations and the international community could provide stable, predictable and sustainable financial support to AMISOM, help relevant troop-contributing countries with capacity building so as to fight al-Shabaab more effectively.

At the same time, the international community should continue to help Somalia improve its security capacity building in order to ensure that the Somali security forces could take over the maintenance of security responsibilities from AMISOM in a gradual and steady manner.

Yao asked the international community to increase humanitarian assistance and socio-economic development support to Somalia.

The socio-economic foundation in Somalia is weak. There is still a relatively big gap in international humanitarian assistance. China hopes that all international partners honor their commitments in earnest and provide assistance in a timely manner, he said.

China will continue to actively support the Somali peace process and play a constructive role in realizing peace, stability and development in Somalia and the Horn of Africa, said Yao.

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