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Hundreds Of Traders Benefit From Rent-free Stalls In Mudug And Nugal Regions

The construction of market places in central and northern Somalia is helping hundreds of women traders to improve their businesses. Rent-free stalls have been allocated to around 100 women traders after the construction of markets in Harfoin Mudug region, and Dangoroyo in Nugal region. Local authorities in Harfo andDangoroyotowns opened the markets last week, relieving the women from years of moving from place to place to sell their wares. The markets cost a total of$37,000 to build and were supported by the Swedish NGO, Diakonia, with local implementation by partnerSamo Development Organisation. Harfo market has 40 stalls while Dangoronyo market has 60 stalls.

Hamdi Abdirisack Ahmed, a mother of nine in Harfo, is among 40 women selected to benefit from the project. She had been selling meat and vegetables on the roadside and in front of shops for five years, forcing her to be constantly on the move to find a convenient place for business. Hamdi told Radio Ergo the project had helped her increased her income, as customers converge on the new market which is the only one in the area.

“I used to conduct my business in front of shops and the owners would tell me to move away! I could hardly support my family,” she said. “Since I moved to this market place, I can get enough to feed my family. We have many customers and on average I get 50,000 shillings profit from my business, which is enough to support the family and the fees of my children.”Hamdi said her goods, mainly farm produce, used to easily be spoil or rot because of the scorching heat and dust. Mohamed Warsame, head of Samo Development Organisation, said the market stalls were distributed to women in a fair manner based on individual circumstances of the female traders.

“We need to support women far more than this but it is a start to help these traders. The project helps the traders and the authorities as well in terms of revenue collection,” he said. Around 300 kilometers from Harfo, the market constructed in Dangoroyo is also bringing a new way of conducting business. Idil Issa, a mother of nine, was allocated a stall. She used to trade in rented premises with another colleague but gave up because of the challenges: “I am now relieved and do not think about monthly rent since I was given this stall. It has helped me a lot and my income has gone up. The place is also clean and friendly,” said Idil.


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