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Prime Minister Chairs Discussions On Implementing Timely National Elections

The subcommittee on inclusive politics roadmap on Monday held a meeting to discuss how to implement the recent directive from the Prime Minister to the various government institutions to fast-track election-related responsibilities in a bid to ensure timely, transparent and inclusive elections are held in the country. The Prime Minister presided over the opening of the meeting before handing over to the Deputy Prime Minister, Mahdi Mohamed Guled Khadar.

The Chairperson of the NIEC, Ms Halima Ismail Ibrahim, said the national body has prepared the technical measures on holding the elections expected by the commission. The meeting discussed the urgent need to hold consultations between the federal government and all the regional administrations on holding timely and inclusive elections. The committee members underlined the importance of finding a consensus that paves the way for implementing the technical steps prior to the announcement of the elections timetable. The ministries of security, finance and internal affairs presented their respective plans in regard to the elections.

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