Home News in English Al-Shabaab killed the lawmaker

Al-Shabaab killed the lawmaker

Recent reports indicate that al-Shabaab is controlled by MP Mohamed Mohamed Siad, including members of parliament in the Hiraan region, which Al-Shabaab operates.

One of the athletes has vowed to have contact with the community in Balcad district of Middle Shabelle region.

The lawmaker said he was detained in Jowhar town, the capital of Mogadishu, and staff members say al-Shabaab operatives have daily patrols in the Jowhar and Balad town hall in the Middle Shabelle region. Instead he went with the car.

On the Internet, fans of al-Shabaab has been sitting MP looga car to stay illegally,

Fighting the tide fell, Shabelle deputy Osman Barre Mohamed is looga consolidate the relatives of the deceased, he is still considered a paradise for water Fardowso

The other Hizbul-Islam council first called on the House of Representatives to remain vigilant against al-Shabaab attacks during meetings with the Hirshabelle Regional Government


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